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A comprehensive presence of security is essential today. Continuously increasing violence and crime rates - cyber crime in particular - and police authorities’ inabilities to keep up with it, make it easy for criminals to take advantage of the situation.


INTEGRALIS RISK CONTROL (INTEGRALIS) is a Swiss corporation for active and passive security. We guarantee a new sense of security, tailor-made strategies and concepts for security management, as well as security technology and service - all from a single source.

Master Network. Our domestic and international network assures, that each position is filled with experi-enced professionals – most importantly, we are always in the lead.

As a result, you do not finance large overheads but only pay for services necessary for the task.

INTEGRALIS stands for expertise with over 25 years experience in all aspects of police and military security work, as well as in private safety and security enterprises domestic and abroad.

INTEGRALIS also stands for integrated security concepts with the least impact on existing procedures.

INTEGRALIS just as well stands for integrity!

Our scope of services is as diverse as the desires and needs of our customers. Whether in the areas of guarding, safety or investigation - every task has its own individual requirements.

We have the know-how, the experience and the resources to satisfy the needs of all areas of engagement and the versatile skills they require.

Security Is A Matter Of Trust:

INTEGRALIS operates with the goal of delivering safety and security services at the highest achievable quality.

We do not see ourselves as a competitor of the local authorities. Instead, we hope our efforts will support and complement the work of government organizations to provide our clients the best protection possible.


Our "dragoon" is the panther because in the animal world, he is regarded as a universal genius:

  • He can run fast and jump far, he is an excellent climber, good swimmer and he moves completely silently. He has excellent hearing and a sharp eye sight, even in the darkest of nights.
  • He is courageous and will take it up against stronger opponents if necessary.

In essence, that means for us

  • Professionalism
  • Strength and persistence
  • Attentiveness
  • Discipline
  • Discretion
5 Points, Which Are Really Important To Us:
  •  We strive to offer state-of-the-art services to all of our customers.
  •  We still treat our customers as if they were kings.
  •  Professionalism, loyalty, integrity and discretion are our guiding principles for everything we do - and how we do it.
  •  Attentive friendliness with heart and brains define the high quality of our services.
  •  The continued challenge to lead ourselves and to enhance our abilities enables us to reach ambitious goals. We believe targeting the midlevel of a mountain will never lead to reaching its peak!


Our Job Is To Protect

Security is a basic human need. The need for basic protection stems mostly focused from experiences, self awareness, and appreciation of feelings of security. A very high level of protection and security can be achieved through the consideration of all relevant supporting security components.

The best security solutions are useless if they are not understood, applied and accepted to their fullest extent. The most effective and possible security framework can only be achieved with integrated security management.


We are independent consultants and offer tailor-made security solutions. Therefore we are never tied to specific products or manufacturers. Instead, we find the solution that best fits our clients' needs.


INTEGRALIS offers a spectrum of professional security services, from planning and conception to implementation and ongoing support.


We support and consult you on all questions around security. Whether you are looking for a solution to a specific problem or need assistance in identifying vulnerabilities, we can provide you with thorough assessments and thoughtful recommendations.

We provide analyses of current-state security frameworks to identify risks and areas improvement. In gaining a full understanding of the security environment, we can then offer solutions to provide clients with comprehensive and effective security frameworks. Some of the services and solutions we provide are:

  • Tailored security solutions for organizations
  • Audits of security concepts
  • Validation of security at the office or at home
  • Evaluations of existing security concepts

By implementing passive measures, existing safety solutions are not only complemented but significantly improved. Alone or in cooperation with our long-term partners - leaders in their fields - we can satisfy your safety needs on the highest levels.

Our Services include

  • Personal safety
  • Safety for family and staff
  • Electronic safety devices
  • Mechanical safety devices
  • Alarms and intervention
  • Remote alarm setting and releasing
  • Remote opening and locking
  • Cybersecurity

As a general rule, we always keep an eye on your costs for safety.


Whether for private or corporate engagements, there are many reasons to utilize security services.

In addition to monitoring your personal security, we also increase the security of your surroundings, through services such as

  • Security for family and staff
  • Escort security
  • Security drivers
  • Aviation security
  • Security for retail trade

We can cover the complete scope of relevant Cyber Security Services with consulting, system integration and managed services. We provide various stages from initial consulting over implementation to outsourcing of complete IT security infrastructures – including but not limited to 24/7 surveillance of IT infrastructures at the most modern Cyber-Defense-Center in Switzerland.


The advantage of a private investigation service is evident: concerns and problems are efficiently and comprehensively addressed, and investigations are discretely and effectively carried out. Your concerns will always be treated with priority.

Any evidences collection will be carried out according to the applicable laws to withstand in court.

Summary of Investigation Services:

  • Observation
  • Investigation
  • Perpetuation of evidence, also accounts receivable for insurance matters
  • Clarifications (such as DNA-analysis')
  • Preparation of court cases (in cooperation with attorneys-at-law)
  • Documentation

The advantage of a private investigation service is evident: concerns and problems are efficiently and comprehensively addressed, and investigations are discretely and effectively carried out. Your concerns will always be treated with priority.


Due to increasing security threats, INTEGRALIS has developed Workshops and Training for self-protection. They support the understanding of situations with increased likelihood for violence, and instruct participants on how to protect themselves.

Workshops and Training are geared towards institutions and businesses that experience a high level of foot traffic such as banks, jewellers or job centres - but they are equally suitable for private individuals with or without increased security risks.


The likelihood of a security breach has increased tremendously - especially for businesses that hold cash or high value items in their establishments, such as banks, jewellers, watch stores, luxury boutiques or upscale hotels.

Apart from material damages or stolen goods, security breaches have a large potential for short-, medium- and long term negative impacts on personnel. People who have not received proper training tend to make incorrect decisions based on incorrect principles. This causes an increased risk for everyone involved.

After the training, your staff will be equipped to effectively and safely react to experiences of security breaches to minimize negative consequences and to protect other persons present. The goal is for employees to feel confident and safe in their work environment. They especially will be able to cope with threats and acts of violence in order to minimize consequences affecting work on the job in future. As a result, staff's downtime from traumatization will be very limited.

These Workshops and Training Courses for corporations cover

  • Training for conflict management and de-escalation
  • Raid training
  • Behavior in amok situations
  • Behavior during attacks
  • Evacuation
  • General arms knowledge

Training for self-protection we also offer for private individuals.


Cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and strokes) are the leading causes of death in Switzerland – over 46.000 per year with a rising tendency. One third of those affected are younger than 65 years.

With our SRC-certified BLS AED Courses, anyone can help to save lives or at any rate reduce health implications. The faster a qualified medical emergency treatment is applied, the higher chances are for survival with a reduced risk of consequential, permanent impairment up to care dependency.

Our courses are geared towards employees of companies of all industries and public authorities.


Success is predictable and clients’ successes are our reference. But discretion is one of our highest requirements, apart from quality, loyalty and attentiveness. Therefore, we cannot name clients but have to limit ourselves to the following case examples:

  • Concept development for personal security and implementation of the security measures for the management of a major corporation.
  • Personal and property protection with explosives detection dogs for clients with an increased risk potential.
  • Personal protection and with travel escorts for politicians, artists and VIP's.
  • Assault training for jewelers, banks and a drug store chain.
  • Security concept and implementation for exhibitions and conferences.
  • Evacuation concept for a major insurer.
  • Evacuation of an endangered manager from Central America
  • Investigation proceedings for fraud and location of the disappeared accused in the Middle East.
  • Examination and evaluation of services from other suppliers as an independent security specialist.

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